Simplify Your Life: A Guide To Minimalism by Eloura Wild


This eBook is a simple and easy guide to help you bring minimalism into your life.


About Minimalism:


Minimalism is about removing the EXCESS of consumerism, clutter, material possessions, having too much to do, too many distractions, too much debt and too much noise.


It’s freedom from the all-consuming passion to possess things.


Minimalists don’t avoid possessions, they avoid excess. It’s not that you should own nothing. It’s that nothing should own you.


Minimalism is about only owning what you use and having things that add value to your life.

Minimalism isn’t just about stuff though. It can be applied to all aspects of your life. Food, friends, work and so on.

It’s not just external, it’s internal too.


Clutter is not just physical. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. It’s anything that doesn’t support your better self.


Some Benefits:


Lower stress levels
Less anxiety
No debt
Fewer expenses
Less time working
Better friendships/relationships
Improved physical health
Improved mental health
De-cluttered mind


More information is in this eBook!


Thank you for your support and all the best with bringing minimalism into your life. Tag me in photos on Instagram (

Simplify Your Life: A Guide To Minimalism

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