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I share uncensored exclusive photos and videos on Snapchat and Onlyfans



It’s a website that can be accessed via a mobile or computer webpage.


It costs $14.99 USD per month.


I post everyday. I accept tips and paid special requests.


Once you sign up and subscribe to me you’ll have instant access to all my exclusive content.


I have 2 simple rules. If you break a rule you will be banned for life.


  1. Don’t share my pictures

  2. Don’t send me sexual pictures


Join my Onlyfans by clicking HERE.


Premium Snapchat:


It’s a private story on Snapchat.


It costs $20 USD per month (charged upon joining then again on the 1st of every month unless you cancel your subscription via Patreon).


I post everyday. Each post lasts 24 hours before expiring, just like normal Snapchat.


I have 3 simple rules. If you break a rule you will be banned for life.


  1. No screenshots or taking my content in any way

  2. Don’t send me sexual pictures

  3. Don’t save my pictures in chat messages


How to join my Premium Snapchat:


  1. Sign up to Patreon HERE 

  2. Select the $20 or above tier

  3. Send me a message on Patreon with your Snapchat name (don't message on Snapchat, I won't see it)

  4. Add me on Snapchat: eloura.wild


Wait for me to add you back and send you a message on Snapchat. I'll do so within 24hrs.


Once you respond to my message, I'll add to you my Premium Story and you'll be able to view it right away.


If you have any troubles or questions then please contact me via email.

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