Why I went vegan

This is one of the babies I raised whilst working on the dairy farm before I was vegan.

I fed him carton milk every single day along with 470+ other calves. It makes me sad now to say I raised him because his mother should have. Instead, he was taken away at just a couple days old so his mums milk could be taken for humans to drink. This milk wasn’t made for us, it was made for him.

This boy is gone now. He had his throat slit before he was even 2 years old and his body was sold for “beef”. Just a baby.

Look into his beautiful eyes. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. No animals do.

Not long after I got the job on the farm I tried to justify the things I witnessed, just as most non vegans do. I wanted to believe what I was seeing was okay because at the end of the day I’d go home and drink milk, eat cheese and have cow flesh for dinner.

I soon realised that it wasn’t okay and it could never be okay. I saw how the cows reacted and it just wasn’t right.

3+ years ago, I went vegan for them. And it wasn’t hard. Going and staying vegan is easy when you focus on the victims instead of yourself.

If you love animals then show it. Stop eating them. Stop taking their milk, eggs, honey, skin and fur. Stand up for them. Be kind. Be loving. Do the right thing. Go vegan. Choose justice, peace & kindness. Change starts with YOU.

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