Why I've stopped shaving & wearing makeup

If you’re looking in the mirror thinking you’re not good, toned, or pretty enough or any physical based thing then how about instead of focusing on the external, superficial self, turn your focus inwards.

Spend your time & energy learning, accepting and loving yourself. Let go of the ideas of how you think you’re suppose to look. Look within & work on yourself from the inside.

If your goals are based around changing your physical appearance so you feel accepted by society’s standards or if you feel you’re not good enough so you have to make a change then stop. This goes for wearing makeup, shaving, weight loss, clothing styles or whatever it is.

In 2017, I use to justify wearing makeup & shaving as something that I wanted to do. I didn’t feel direct pressure from anyone to do these things but I would say “I love putting on makeup. It’s art!” “I feel like shaving today so I’m going to”.

These are valid points but I started to question my actions deeper. What’s beneath that?

On some level I found I was wearing makeup and shaving to feel more comfortable around others & accepted.

This year I’ve worn makeup four times. Looking back now, I know I did it because of the insecurities I had within me. I’m now working on those from within instead of having to physically change myself.

I stopped shaving all together this year too. I’ve done this before but only for short periods of times. I’m in it for the long haul now. That’s my intention.

I’m still learning. Learning new lessons & growing from them. Realisations are always coming.

I’m not telling you what to do with your body. It’s still your body and your choice. As long as you’re not hurting others (people or animals) then you do you!

I just thought I’d share my thoughts & maybe it will resonate with you or wake something in you.

This year I’ve really been focusing on my inner self more than ever before. Working on not needing acceptance from others & getting it from myself. I’ve been meditating daily. Practising more self love. Healing, loving and accepting myself.

Ps. Happy International Womens Day. We’ve got this babes!

My video about this topic went live on my YouTube channel today. Check it out HERE.

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