Self Love Advice

The question I get asked the most online is “how/where do I start?”.

Start by writing a list on your phone, on a notepad or in a diary of just 1-2 things you love about yourself. It can be physical or a personality trait that you like about yourself.

Every day add to this list. Over time you’ll notice a change. You’ll start to see the positive and loving things about yourself more often.

Another question I get asked is: “What about the things I don’t love about myself?”. Perhaps you say things to yourself like, I hate my nose. I hate my cellulite. I hate my stretch marks. I hate my thick thighs. I’m not productive enough. I’m not good enough.

STOP bullying yourself 👏🏻 Stop the toxic self talk. Swap the “hate” for “love”. Say to yourself I love my nose. I love my cellulite. I love my stretch marks. I am enough. I’m doing my best. And now watch your whole world change.

You might not believe it yet but over time you will. If you say something enough, affirm it, it becomes your reality. You believed yourself when you said the nasty things about yourself. Where focus goes, energy flows.

Next to the list of things you already have, write affirmations. Here are some ideas:

I am enough. I’m doing enough. I love myself fully. I accept myself. I am beautiful. I am glowing and growing.

Self love is a journey, it’s practise and it’s hard but so worth it 🌿🌟 What are your favourite self love affirmations?

© 2020 by Eloura Wild