Pregnancy Update #25weeks

Happy 25 weeks baby swan 🥰 🦢

We’re both doing well. I can feel her movements more everyday. It always makes me smile. We love to watch her move around, having a little party in my belly 🥳

I’ve had Braxton Hicks 3 times now in the past couple weeks. It only happens once and lasts a couple minutes. Yesterday it had me in tears. I need to remember to breathe through it but omg it’s intense.

I’ve started meditating again, doing breath work and yoga - preparing for labour both mentally and physically.

To answer some of the questions I’ve been getting:

I don’t have any fear when it comes to childbirth. I’m just really curious as to how everything will go 😍

We’ve chosen to have a hospital birth, for a few reasons. The hospital we’ve picked is amazing. They’re very supportive and encourage breast feeding, fathers staying with mother & baby, no interventions (unless absolutely necessary!) and a bunch of other really great things.

I will be having a natural birth, no pain meds or gas, and most likely in water 😊💦

I was thinking about making a video about this. Birth, why we chose a hospital, my birth “plan” and more. Video will be out soon!

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