Pregnancy update! #10weeks

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Little baby🤰🏻The love we have for you is just incredible.

I had a little break this afternoon, no nausea or throwing up so my fiancé and I were able to sit down and film two videos for my YouTube 🙌🏻

Video one: Telling our family we're having a baby

Video two: Pregnancy Q&A | Baby names, being vegan & more

Here are some updates:

1) I’m 10 weeks & 3 days.

2) My boobs are growing 10x faster than my belly 😂

3) We already have a full wardrobe/clothing up to 3 months for our baby even though I thought we would wait until later to buy things 🙈

4) My nausea is all over the place. Some days I think it’s going but then the next day it will hit me hard 🎢

5) We have a scan in a couple weeks & we can’t wait to see the baby 😍

6) My emotions are coming in strong. I get emotional about the smallest things which makes me cry but also laugh 😜

7) At this point, I don’t think I need to buy any maternity clothing at all except maybe pants or one of those belt things (will see 😅)

8) We are level 10 excited for all things baby. It’s all just so amazing 💕

Anndddd that’s all I can think of right now ❤️

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